Comfy bums and comfy returns

Published on 24. Jan 2017
Zalando haalt op

The Netherlands has the highest density of bikes in the entire world. Across the country there are more than 22 million bikes. And this is not counting the bikes that are dumped in the canals of Amsterdam every year, which varies between 12,000 and 15,000. ... Read more


One day in Europe

Published on 06. Jan 2017
Same Day Delivery Amsterdam

One year ago, in September 2015, Zalando started with first tests delivering customer’s parcels same day. Today, we are surprising our customers in several cities in Germany with a silent upgrade and delivery on either the same or the next day. We are now going one step further – starting our first pilot for same day delivery outside of Germany – in Amsterdam. ... Read more

Charlotte Preut speaking about Marketing Intelligence

Last week, the 2nd Marketing Management Congress took place in Berlin. Roughly 600 marketing people from Germany followed the invitation by Quadriga Media Berlin GmbH. I had the chance to participate and to listen to presentations about the future of digital marketing in times of artificial intelligence and big data. ... Read more



Zalando is working on removing the barriers to online shopping and ensuring that the experience becomes increasingly convenient. It is important to keep on exploring and testing new formats of customer interaction and support – such as our recently introduced sizing chat. ... Read more