Published on 01. Apr 2017
Overnightz by Zalando

Next to giving stylist advice through Zalon by Zalando, Zalando is now piloting an additional styling service “Overnightz by Zalando”. Starting this month, personal stylists will offer their visit to customers at their homes and put together ready-to-go outfits for the next morning combined from the customer’s own closet and pieces they bring from the Zalando Shop.

Celebrity examples like Mark Zuckerberg show that not everyone is keen on arranging and combining outfits for the next day. To get a better understanding of this every-day challenge, the Zalon by Zalando team conducted a survey among fashion customers. The findings showed that a major set of all male and female customers find it challenging to decide on an outfit for the next day. 82 per cent of all interviewed men do appreciate and receive support from someone, putting their outfit together for the next morning. In more than half of those cases the interviewees even stated, that their partner or mother actually supports them in getting dressed. All of the 82 per cent pointed out, they are also open for external support.

“Our customers have always been at the heart of everything we do at Zalando. Thus, we continuously work on improving our services in order to answer all questions around fashion”, says Nick Night, Chief Fashion Officer at Zalando. “We want our customers to be fashionable without a hassle, that’s why we are giving them access to personal stylists. Overnightz by Zalando offers the perfect opportunity to get styled with next to no effort.”

After registering online here https://www.zalando.co.uk/overnightz, customers are guided through a questionnaire known from Zalon regarding their personal style and upload pictures of their top five favorite clothes. Afterwards a preferred day is chosen on which the customer puts the key out under the doormat or someplace else agreed on. The stylist pays the customer a night-time visit and puts together a choice of outfits for the next days, based on what is in the customers closet but also brings a range of complementary items.

For the pilot, OVERNIGHTZ BY ZALANDO is working closely together with the strong network of around 350 stylists from the Zalon team, who receive an additional training in tiptoeing and identifying matching colors in difficult lighting conditions. Overnightz will be first tested in the rural areas of Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, and London. Once established in these markets, the pilot could also be expanded to the other Zalando countries in Europe. During the test phase, Zalando will offer the Overnightz service free of charge. 


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