5 things I learned in my first weeks at Content Marketing

Published on 16. Feb 2017

Stella joined Zalando 6 years ago and worked in the fashion store as developer and producer. She recently changed to the Content Marketing and told us about the 5 most surprising things she learned in her first weeks.

#1 I am not working in the SEO department…
Yeah, I could have noticed that myself, since I started in “CONTENT Marketing”. My perception may have been clouded by a time around 2006 were I earned some money writing SEO texts. It was always the same - a certain word limit, mention exactly x times the phrase “XYZ” and don’t make it seem like it was written by a robot. I was surprised, how much thought was given to the content of pages. We are really working ‘Content First’, something that is not always the standard at Zalando. You can have the cleanest code, the prettiest design - if your user doesn’t get engaged with the content, he will leave quickly. Pages like www.zalando.de/we-love-yoga offer valuable information and guide the customer through all related topics, but there are also local projects like www.zalando.fr/horoscope-mode that can be an entry point to our shop.

#2 … even though SEO is very important. 
So, we have great content on our pages, but how does the customer find it? This is where SEO comes into play. We not only optimize our pages, but we also act as consultants to other departments. Need an URL or a catchy headline? Content Marketing knows best. Thinking about changing some structural elements in the shop? We probably have something to say about that. You want to change your meta title and description? Please talk to us first! Ideally, an optimized code, good content and a clear page structure should speak for itself.  In practice bringing those elements seamlessly together is quite hard.

#3 Tools. Lots and lots of tools.
Content Marketing is working data driven. They come from tools like Searchmetrics, Sistrix, Audisto, Botify, G.Search Console, G. Analytics, AppAnnie, Veescore... and while they are all great tools, you need to combine the different data to get the full picture. Even then it’s not always easy to make a prediction, since the effect of our measurements only shows up after quite some time. At least then you can measure them, I guess?

 #4 Sometimes there is no clear answer.
I wonder about many things, but occasionally the answer will leave me only with more questions. How many H2 should I have on my page? Can it look bigger than my H1? What about class names? There are best practices, but in the end every company has to find the right mix for themselves, since the circumstances are so different. And even though sometimes the answer to a problem is just a best guess, the most important thing is to keep the communication going and to look at the question from different angles.

 #5 It’s a holistic concept.
In a shop like Zalando, you can’t look at one page or campaign and decide how people find or interact with it. SEA, brand, public relations, social media, cooperation marketing and other teams are influencing this as well. In an ideal world, all involved departments would get together to decide on the best strategy. We are not quite there yet, but we try our best and I am positive we will all grow together even more in the future.

Bonus point: I discovered soon that the colleagues in the team are super lovely and we are always up for a chat. Are you interested in working in Content Marketing? Check: www.jobs.zalando.com

Content author

Clara Employer Branding

Clara joined Zalando in 2015 and is responsible for Employer Branding of Sales and Digital Marketing.